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Free Grant Money FREE Review
Government Funded Grants FREE Review
Grant One Day FREE Review

Free Grant Money

Our Best Pick - Free Grant Money includes 100% of all available federal, state and local government grants, all free to apply. It includes business grants, grants for minorities, grants for women, grants for students, educational grants, housing grants, student grants, and more! This program is constantly updated and comes comes with grant writing software and templates (you just fill in a few fields such as your name and address of where you want your check to come to) and it prints out a ready made grant application. Their customer support is excellent, and the program always updates itself with new free government grants. We highly recommend this program.

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Government Funded Grants

Our Second Favorite - Government Funded Grants includes 100's of grants in an easy-to-view and sort method. It has about 90% of the grants that Government Funded Grants contains above. The other short coming of 'Grants For You' is that it not include the grant writing software, so applying through this program is a little more difficult. On a positive note, their online support is excellent and they offer great advice to their users. If you are serious about receiving free grant money, we recommend you consider both programs, although not mandatory.

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Grant One Day

Grant One Day is specifically designed to take advantage of the extra grant money due to the bailout. There are some decent grants available through this grant program but we recommend the first two above this one, as they are much more comprehensive. However, if you are curious about every available option as it relates to the current economy, then you can order this one but not before you order the above 2 programs first. We were able to secure this for free for you though, so if you're interested, we have included it on our list.

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