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Date: Thursday, April 17, 2014

We have over 15 years experience reviewing and working with the most reputable government grants available, and have recently began publishing our reviews for consumers to find the best Free Government Grants available.

Quick Facts - Government Grants

Every year the government is required to give away free money to citizens and residents of the United States. Over $50 billion dollars is given away each year to individuals and businesses in the form of free grants. This free money can be used for almost any purpose - including to buy a house, start a business, pay for college, buy equipment, pay salaries, buy school supplies, get out of debt, buy clothing, pay for child camp, pay for music, art or education lessons, paying off your medical bills, pay for gas for your car, and anything else you desire.

How does the current economy affect Government Grants?

In a nut shell - the current economy has no effect. If anything, you are now able to receive more money due to the recent bailout package. Free Government Grants are still being given away everyday to help stimulate the economy.

Am I eligible to receive a Government Grant?

If you are a person who lives in the United States and are a citizen or resident you are eligible to receive a free government grant. The government is legally required to give away the tax money it collects each year, in the form of government grants. We educate the public about Government Grants because only about 15% of available grants are even applied for! This is great news for you and the process to apply takes only a few minutes. It's free money - Why not claim it?

Do grant programs cost money?

Unusally, grant companies charge between $35 - $150 to make up the time and expenses it takes them to find and provide programs to apply for grants. However, due to our relationship with the top two companies as a consumer review group, and are able to get them to give you the same software for Free! The programs we review are a must-have if you want to apply for a government grant because they make it so easy and the average time to search and apply for a grant about two minutes. Get grants from $50,000 - $1,500,000 or more, free, that you never have to pay back whether you're employed or unemployed.


Everyday we research and gather data on Government Grant programs in order to review and find the programs that are best suited to get you free government money. Since we are a consumer advocacy review group, we are only listing programs below that are completely free and recommended. US Grants has been the best Government Grant program we have seen in a long time. It comes highly recommended.

You may claim your free grant program below:

Website Price Rating Detailed Review
US Grants FREE Review

US Grants Review

Our Best Pick - US Grants includes 100% of all available federal, state and local government grants, all free to apply. It includes business grants, grants for minorities, grants for women, grants for students, educational grants, housing grants, student grants, and more! This program is constantly updated and comes comes with grant writing software and templates (you just fill in a few fields such as your name and address of where you want your check to come to) and it prints out a ready made grant application. Their customer support is excellent, and the program always updates itself with new free government grants. We highly recommend this program.

US Grants - Click Here to get yours Free!
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